Room Tour // Amber Dominique

From mechanic to motocross racer, I welcome you to the bedroom of one bad ass chick, Amber Dominique! 

This past weekend Jeff’s best friend Amber invited us over for dinner, have a few beers and watch the motocross race. While she cooked us mouth watering steaks (steaks so delicious there was absolutely no need for steak sauce), I remained occupied up in her newly revamped bedroom taking pictures. 

With white walls, Amber decorated her room with her eclectic style, resembling a romantic midevil feel. The way this girl blended chic with hardcore is inspiring. Her love for a good ink job isn’t only displayed on her body, but on her walls as well. The gallery display of her favorite art work couldn’t be more perfectly placed, and her vanity area displaying her folk hat collection is one to die for! 

I immediately fell in love with the “his & hers” bed sides she created around two shelves as nightstand alternatives. Centered above each shelf is a traditional art print by Dane Smith. On “his” side, the shelf is painted black and on “her” side, the shelf is painted white.

I am so moved by Ambers style and bedroom makeover that I just had to share! 

Photos// Rustic Gypsea


Author: rusticgypsea

Caroline Wolf 23. Virginia Beach, VA. Wife. Mother.

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