DIY // Cushioned Headboard 

When I found this beautiful Turkish tapestry in the thrift store I knew right away that I wanted to make a statement piece out of it. I needed a headboard for my bed and was on a tight budget. The only supplies I bought were the tapestry and an old mattress pad for the cushioning. Both were bought from the thrift store with a total of $8. Here’s how I made it! 




-Measuring Tape

-2×4 Piece of Plywood (twin size headboard) 

-Staple Gun 

-Foam Mattess Topper

– Wood Glue 

-Fabric Glue


  1. First, I cut the mattress pad to measure 2×4 (the size of the plywood) and glued it down on one side of the plywood with wood glue.
  2. After the glue dried, I laid the tapestry flat out on the floor, set the plywood on top of it while carefully choosing it’s placement so that the boarder design on the tapestry matched the edges of the headboard. 
  3. Once I had it set aligned the way I wanted it, I cut around the edges of the wood leaving about 4″ extra inches. 
  4. Once it was all cut, I feld the fabric over one edge of the wood nicely, while stapling it to the back of the headboard. 
  5. Once the first side was all stapled, I continued to the opposite side and repeated step 4 until all four edges were done. 
  6. Last, I flipped the headboard over and started tufting with the staple gun making 5 even rows and 3 columns. 
  7. After tufting, I just used fabric glue to stick some buttons down and cover the staples! 

And there you go. That’s  my poor lazy girls DIY Cushioned headboard tutorial! 


Author: rusticgypsea

Caroline Wolf 23. Virginia Beach, VA. Wife. Mother.

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