Before // The Famous Bentwood Rocker 

Yay! The famous Bentwood Rocker has randomly fallen into my arms!Recently I’ve been seeing this swirling beauty all over Pinterest and Instagram. My pops scored it from one of my grandfathers properties and gave it to me! I’m not really sure why but it seems to be a trending piece. 

The history of the Thonet Bentwood Rocker dates back all the way to the early 1800’s up until the 1960’s. Many versions of it have been made and it’s said to have a burnt stamp or glued plate into it if it’s authentic. Mines missing the arms and I haven’t noticed any signs of a stamp or glued plate. Regardless, I am extremely excited and thankful to be gifted such a beautiful and unique piece! 

Out of the dozens of makeovers shared on Pinterest, none of them really spoke my style. I have reupholstered it with a white textured fabric/ old curtain, but it’s not making my heart sing. Right now I am taking my time to make the perfect fabric choice and I’ve shared with you the choices below! I want to hear y’all’s opinions! 

Fabric Choice #1 

If you saw my first DIY Headboard post, you might recognize this one. This is a gorgeous Turkish Tapestry that I found st the thrift store! I have just enough left to cover the rocker. It really pops next to the white. I don’t think it would look good with the two seperated from the back to the seat though. If I don’t use it for the Rocker I would probably make some pillow cases out of it!  The best part about this Tapestry is that when you flip it over, it’s like a whole new design… Which now brings me to Option #2! 

Fabric Option #2

Compared to Option #1, this side of the Tapestry glistens with silver threading and isn’t as saturated. The silver kinda makes it stand out against the dark wood finish. The only thing that’s holding me back with this choice is having to part with it! 

Fabric Option #3

This vintage fabric could give this Rocker an even more funky feel. It really brightens the whole mood of the peice. I feel like if the chair could talk, it would say “this dress makes me feel happy” or “put me in a nursery”. Hahaha yeah I’m crazy, I know! 

Fabric Option #4

Speaking of chairs wearing dresses… The last option I have is this amazing traditional dress, from who knows where, that was also a thrift store score. I would place the top part of the dress on the back and go bottom to bottom, but I just wonder if it’s the right choice… 

Stay tuned for my final decision! 


Author: rusticgypsea

Caroline Wolf 23. Virginia Beach, VA. Wife. Mother.

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