Current Obsession// Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Dreamy and white with mirrored sequins, Moroccan Wedding Blankets are pure bedding bliss! Since we are still getting settled into our new home, I figured the least I could do is share another current obsession with you all! Right now I am drooling over Moroccan Wedding Blankets. Real authentic Moroccan Wedding Blankets were handmade by female members of the Berber Tribes of North Africa. As a traditional gift, the women relatives of a bride would spend up to weeks weaving one to give to the bride on her wedding day.     

Want to try and make your own Moroccan Wedding Blanket? Lindsay, from White Buffalo Styling Company has the best DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket Tutorial I’ve seen yet! I can’t wait to find some time and make my own approach! 

Source // El Ramla Hamra

Source // Sunny Home Story

Source // Zohi Interiors

Source // Lauren Hernandez


Source // SOBU


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Caroline Wolf 23. Virginia Beach, VA. Wife. Mother.

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