Dream House Project // Backyard Inspiration + The Skate Ramp 

One thing that both Jeff and I must have in our Dream Home is a backyard skate ramp! Yep, that’s right! This fam jam is going to be full of shredders one day. So, once the babe(s) grow up, we are going to need a back backyard to fulfill our little rippers dreams. That means half pipes, dirt bike tracks, trampolines and a pool for this family! Here are some ideas and inspiration that I found! 

#1 // OC Ramps

This 16ft ramp not only looks nice, but it’s the perfect size. If we are going to build a half pipe on our yard, it’s not going to be less than 6ft. Where’s the fun in that? My main concern is making it look nice and flow with the overall backyard landscape and design. I like how this one is tucked in.

#2. // Pinterest

This ramp built in with a deck is totally rad! It could be pretty expensive but totally worth the entertainment! Although, I would go with a dark wood stain, not red. 

#3. // Shawboard Company UK

I love this ramp! The dark glossy stain is perfect. It’s exactly what I want. I’m not a fan of the landscape design, but the chiminea can stay though!

#4. // OC Ramps

The same dark colored glossy stain as the previous ramp in #4 and the right landscaping would make any ramp look amazing next a pool! 

#5. // Inside Out

Now this ramp is the definition of a little shredder! These people really nailed it Styling this ramp. It’s a little small but perfect for the little ones. These are the exact colors and textures that I want ours to have. 

#6. // Skate-Home

Sand equals five stars in my safety book! Add palm trees and grass and it’s a little shredders oasis! 

#7. //  Skate Dad

This one is bazaar! A half pipe in the trees! I wouldn’t do this but it’s such an awesome idea for the dare devil at heart! 

#8. // Pinterest

This ramp is another one that’s tucked away just like I would want it. This one matches its surroundings perfectly and is totally feasible! 

#9. // Tony Camp

Call me crazy but I think this bowl looks awesome!  It’s the kind of ramp that reminds me of my childhood or one that you would most likely find in my neighborhood growing up. 

# 10. // Pinterest

This one must have cost a fortune but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a skate ramp as cool as this one! 


Author: rusticgypsea

Caroline Wolf 23. Virginia Beach, VA. Wife. Mother.

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