Coming Soon // Our Barn Loft Renovation Series

Last week I mentioned to you all that there was some exciting news coming. Well guess what? It’s here! I am starting my very first blog series “Our Barn Loft Renovation” – The inside scoop on turning our barns loft into a cozy studio apartment. Before I kick off this DIY adventure filled series, you guys need to know a little more about my family and I, and also the story highlights behind Our Barn Loft Renovation! 
Let’s take it back to the mid 1990’s. Ever since I can remember, I have always been interested in interior design. When I was little I used to draw room designs and floor plans for my neighbors and family friends. In the 8th grade I followed a designer for the day who specialized in drapery decor as part of a job shadowing project in my Home Economics class. In highschool I started refurbishing furniture and entering my pieces in student art shows. It wasn’t until my second year in college when my parents and I started renovating the empty room over our barn style garage, that I really started getting serious about my work.
 Basically the greatest gift my parents could have ever given me is the opportunity to move in and lead the renovations to the room over the garage. It’s been like having a big empty canvas, except it’s a room and I can to do whatever I want to it (as long as I fix whatever I mess up and it looks good enough for potential renters in the future). 
 We aren’t the richest family on the block, if you know what I mean. We have just about an acre of land with your average sized rancher and a detached garage, but only because we had to move out of our tiny two bedroom condo that was just a few blocks away from the beach, to an hour drive into the boondocks in order to get it. When we decided to renovate, my parents paid a family friend who was a plumber and in need of work, $800 (after tax season) to come in and get the renovations started by doing the framework, installing the tile floors and shower, and hooking up all the plumbing. That was our first mistake, (which I will be sharing more about later in Part I) and that was back in 2013!  Everything else has come in bits at a time. Because of that, the renovation is taking much longer than we had thought. Never would I have ever imagined that almost five years later it would still be in the works!
A blessing in disguise is all it really was. When something needed to be done and no one could do it, I practically forced myself to to figure it out and do it myself. By the time I turned 23 year years old I new the basics to using multiple types of saws, I had taught myself how to spakel walls and I had built and installed closet shelves all by myself. Because of my rebellious decision to live in the midst of the renovation construction, I know what I love to do and I discovered my passions. Without this renovation project, I wouldn’t be the innovative, DIY Addicted, self taught, handy woman that I now am today! 
About two years ago before we got married I decided to move in with Jeff and put the loft renovations on hold. My intentions were to come back and finish the project in my spare time, but life at the beach can keep you pretty busy. After I moved out I felt like part of me was missing. No longer did I have easy access to every tool imaginable in my step dads collection. No longer had my very own workspace in the corner of the garage, or the big empty canvas where I laid my head every night. 
Of course I brought all of my own tools and supplies along with me, but when you live in a two bedroom condo with a small patio and tiny storage shed, all shared between 3 people and 3 pets, it’s not exactly the ideal environment for a person of my kind of craft. For the whole year and some change that we lived in the condo together, I never built a thing! I could have been because of the fact that I was pregnant more than half of that year, but I barely even crafted and that just isn’t me! I’ve been completely out of my element ever since! 
When I was pregnant with Sage, my parents asked us to move back into the garage so we could save some money and they could help us take care of her. We really want to buy a house soon, so after bouncing the idea around for a few months and listing the pros and cons, we finally made the decision to do it! 
Two weeks ago we started moving. We are almost finished now and let me tell ya, it’s been one heck of a process! As a girl who moves a lot, this has been by far the most excruciating move yet! Between our little one, my car being in the shop, the animals and what seems to be one obstacle after the next, this mama is in desperate need of a “craftcation!” 

As much as I want to dive into planning and renovations, I need to get settled in order to face this project head on! Having a baby and moving all at the same time will suck every ounce of energy your body has plus some! I’ve had so many great ideas that I can’t wait to bring to life and share with y’all! All they need now is some careful planning and I will be ready to launch the series! Stay tuned! Updates on Our Barn Loft Series will be coming back shortly! 


Storyboards // First Bathroom Design Concept 

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret… So far, I haven’t once used my computer for this blog. Yep that’s right! Everything you see has been done straight from my phone. Since we are moving this month we decided to go ahead and cancel our cable and internet. I’ve been dreading not being able to use my computer, but as you can see, I’m making it work and getting by just fine!

Today I put together my first bathroom storyboard/ design concept. Speaking of, does anyone know the difference? Haha. All the “boards” I have made so far have been for fun. The last Storyboard post I shared, I mentioned that I was starting to get a feel for my style. Well, after I made this one that feeling progressed! For this being my first bathroom design concept, I am really stoked! The fact that I’ve made these designs without any computer design software is kinda keeping the faith going. What do y’all think? I’m anxious to hear some feedback!

Best of Headboards

DIY Headboard Inspiration 

I’ve been searching for some inspiration to help me get started on another headboard project. The last one I made turned out beautiful! If you haven’t seen my DIY headboard project you can check it out here. I am so happy with the results that I’m saving it for Sage’s bedroom in the future. I have a feeling that this headboard project will turn out even better than the last. With these 5 ideas marinating in my head, the ideas have really started cooking! 

Source//  Vivaterra

How simple and gorgeous is this one!? It’s totally DIYable too. All you would really need is a large peice of wood, dark stain finish and a jig saw!

Source// Urban Outfitters

I was surprised to see this one was from Urban Outfitters and not a diy. It looks very similar to one I’ve seen in either Target or TJMax, except the shape is different around the trim. Anyways, this one seems like a great diy piece for all you wall-hanging loom-weavers out there! 

Source// Amber Interiors

This one comes from one of my new favorite design blogs, Amber Interiors. I love the colors and the paired authentic textile choices. It reminds me of my last DIY headboard but it’s not cushioned. 

Source// Pinterest

I love this boho natural beauty piece. It might be a little tough to make but the overall shape and design is just blissful and a great inspiration!

Source// Pinterest

Last but not least, here is the most inspiring piece of them all! Isn’t this bed dreamy? Scratch that… it’s heavenly! If you’ve been following my blog then you might have noticed my love for some detailed woodwork. This one, I am swooning over!
I can’t wait to share with you all what I finally come up with! 

Etsy Favorites // Tribute Designs 

Ya’ll, I have found the jack pot! While browsing Etsy this morning for upcoming project supplies I came across the most brilliant and beautiful idea and creation I think I have ever seen. If you saw my recent post Stairways to Heaven, then you will understand my love for decorative stairs. Well, Cheryl with Tribute Designs now has the number one spot on my favorites list! 

As an alternative to the viynl sticker and painted designs, Cheryl makes and creates the most beautiful wooden carved detailed stair risers that I have ever seen! Want to know the best part? All you have to do is place and attach the panels on top of your existing stair risers! This could be a great solution for renters or perfect if you are planning to sell your home one day because you could make them removeable if you needed too. What I also like about Cheryl and her work is that she seems to be either honest or just plain genrous with her pricing, compared to most money hungry people these days. I don’t know about you guys, but $35 per panel for these beautiful and brilliant creations is totally fair in my book! Do yourself a favor and Check Tribute Designs on Etsy out! If you do decide to purchase, I’d love to see your pictures of the final product! Here below is 4 of my favorite panels she offers.





Sources// #1. #2. / #3.#4. /

Storyboard // A Neutral and Eclectic Cottage Bedroom 

I’ve been having SO much fun playing around with the App. Polyvore! This week I started making storyboards for my dream home. This is what I came up with for my dream bedroom. I’ve always wanted French doors opening up to my backyard in my bedroom, and a white iron bedframe. I have a tall boy dresser with beautiful carved details and it would be gorgeous if I painted it white and distressed it. I want to find a small dresser to use as a night stand because I need the extra storage.  Having the dark wood panel walls and white accent wall with French doors bringing in lots of natural light will make the room feel dreamy and natural. I would like to find a large salvaged panel piece to hang over our bed, if not try and make something like it. I am really happy with this first design but as time goes on I want to see what else I can come up with!  

Do you like this design? Get the Look! Shop the collection here

Etsy Favorites // Zazous Online 

This week I added a new Etsy shop to my favorites and guess what this shop offers? My favorite tile trend -Traditional Moroccan Tile in vinyl! If you are in love with this trend like I am, then Zazous Online is an Etsy shop well worth checking out! 

They price the viynl in a roll per square metre (1 square metre being roughly 11 square feet). For $25.59 plus shipping, you can cover about 10 square feet. Compared to a similar tile design on Overstock but in ceramic, for $51.99 you can cover the same amount space for more than half the price except it’s vinyl! If you are like me and are scraping penny’s for remodeling funds, this is a great solution! 

Zazous Online Etsy Shop

Source// Zazous Online

For the Love of Tiles & Textiles

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I hope to bring to you all a little inspiration to fall in love with. This Valentine has a theme, and it’s red! Here’s 5 ways to style your home with red -enjoy! 
1. Embroidered
Source// Belarus Guide

These towels from Padniaproue set heart on fire! Do you see the embroidered trim?! If only I could hop on a plane right now…

2. Quilted 

Source// Country Living

This quilt-like patterned tile just warms my heart! It’s so vintage but yet, so modern. 

3. Traditional Embroidery 

Source// Urban Outfitters

This Romanian traditional embroidered pillow is just so charming! 

4. @ihaveathingwithfloors

Source// Instagram

Ok, so I just discovered @ihaveathibgwithfloors and I am in love! If you love tile like I do, follow them! Anyways, I love this tile! It looks like it’d be easy to stencil?! 

5. Suzani 

Source// Eclectic Living Home

This suzani is so romantic! Now, I’ve thought of using a tapestry for a headboard before but never thought of using the whole thing! Talk about a statement peice!