Current Obsession // Round Jute Rugs

Every once in a while one of these lovely round woven beauty’s will pop up in my Pinterest newsfeed. Today I finally found out what they are called, Jute Rugs! “Jute” is the name of a fiber that is used to make burlap. Jute had been part of the East Bengal (Pakistan) culture for centuries but now, the round Jute Rug is making a comeback with a new style! Now all that’s left for me to find out is, “How do I score one for super cheap”? So far, EBay has given me the lowest price tag set at $75. If I can find anything for less than that, then I might have to find out how to make them! 

Source// Glitter Guide

Source// Pinterest

Source// World Market


For the Love of Tiles & Textiles

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I hope to bring to you all a little inspiration to fall in love with. This Valentine has a theme, and it’s red! Here’s 5 ways to style your home with red -enjoy! 
1. Embroidered
Source// Belarus Guide

These towels from Padniaproue set heart on fire! Do you see the embroidered trim?! If only I could hop on a plane right now…

2. Quilted 

Source// Country Living

This quilt-like patterned tile just warms my heart! It’s so vintage but yet, so modern. 

3. Traditional Embroidery 

Source// Urban Outfitters

This Romanian traditional embroidered pillow is just so charming! 

4. @ihaveathingwithfloors

Source// Instagram

Ok, so I just discovered @ihaveathibgwithfloors and I am in love! If you love tile like I do, follow them! Anyways, I love this tile! It looks like it’d be easy to stencil?! 

5. Suzani 

Source// Eclectic Living Home

This suzani is so romantic! Now, I’ve thought of using a tapestry for a headboard before but never thought of using the whole thing! Talk about a statement peice!