Current Obsession // Round Jute Rugs

Every once in a while one of these lovely round woven beauty’s will pop up in my Pinterest newsfeed. Today I finally found out what they are called, Jute Rugs! “Jute” is the name of a fiber that is used to make burlap. Jute had been part of the East Bengal (Pakistan) culture for centuries but now, the round Jute Rug is making a comeback with a new style! Now all that’s left for me to find out is, “How do I score one for super cheap”? So far, EBay has given me the lowest price tag set at $75. If I can find anything for less than that, then I might have to find out how to make them! 

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Etsy Favorites // Tribute Designs 

Ya’ll, I have found the jack pot! While browsing Etsy this morning for upcoming project supplies I came across the most brilliant and beautiful idea and creation I think I have ever seen. If you saw my recent post Stairways to Heaven, then you will understand my love for decorative stairs. Well, Cheryl with Tribute Designs now has the number one spot on my favorites list! 

As an alternative to the viynl sticker and painted designs, Cheryl makes and creates the most beautiful wooden carved detailed stair risers that I have ever seen! Want to know the best part? All you have to do is place and attach the panels on top of your existing stair risers! This could be a great solution for renters or perfect if you are planning to sell your home one day because you could make them removeable if you needed too. What I also like about Cheryl and her work is that she seems to be either honest or just plain genrous with her pricing, compared to most money hungry people these days. I don’t know about you guys, but $35 per panel for these beautiful and brilliant creations is totally fair in my book! Do yourself a favor and Check Tribute Designs on Etsy out! If you do decide to purchase, I’d love to see your pictures of the final product! Here below is 4 of my favorite panels she offers.





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For the Love of Tiles & Textiles

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I hope to bring to you all a little inspiration to fall in love with. This Valentine has a theme, and it’s red! Here’s 5 ways to style your home with red -enjoy! 
1. Embroidered
Source// Belarus Guide

These towels from Padniaproue set heart on fire! Do you see the embroidered trim?! If only I could hop on a plane right now…

2. Quilted 

Source// Country Living

This quilt-like patterned tile just warms my heart! It’s so vintage but yet, so modern. 

3. Traditional Embroidery 

Source// Urban Outfitters

This Romanian traditional embroidered pillow is just so charming! 

4. @ihaveathingwithfloors

Source// Instagram

Ok, so I just discovered @ihaveathibgwithfloors and I am in love! If you love tile like I do, follow them! Anyways, I love this tile! It looks like it’d be easy to stencil?! 

5. Suzani 

Source// Eclectic Living Home

This suzani is so romantic! Now, I’ve thought of using a tapestry for a headboard before but never thought of using the whole thing! Talk about a statement peice! 

Stairways to Heaven 

Can we design our own stairway to heaven? If so, consider me dead… Kidding! I would have never thought of decorating my stairs until I saw these babes. Now it’s one of the first tasks on my to-do list. To me it seems likes it’s a new rising trend. Atleast on my news feed anyway. Who knew that by adding some color and pattern to the face of your stairs could make such a bold statement? 

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